A Ride by Redmond Lake


All of that scenery I was talking about. Well,  it just so happens to be right out side my front door. One moment I can be sitting in my living room and then within 15 minutes I can be at Redmond Lake or half way up the canyon. I grew up in the city and that was life. You go to work, you go shopping at the mall, you go downtown. Now I live in a place where the one store in town closes at 7:00 pm. It was an adjustment, but now ATV riding is in my blood. Maybe it always was and I just needed to get to the place where my ATV roots were reborn.

Side note: There was a dance hall on the shores of Redmond Lake. It was a popular place called “Redmondo.” A band played, the kids came to dance and then one day it all burned down. Often when I drive out to the lake I picture that dance hall and think how much fun it would have been. Sure would be nice if someone had pictures to share.

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