ATV Ride on the Great Western Trail

A great adventure for friends and family is to get our and ride your ATVs. The Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree held in Richfield, Utah is the perfect outing to go on some great rides with a large group. The ATV Jamboree hosts over 30 rides in a one week time frame. You can choose to go on a simple short ride or a four day ride involving camping. We went on the Oak Belt ride which was a one day ride lasting about 6 hours and riding 55 miles. A great adventure for advanced riders.

ATVs Driving Through Creek At Great Western Trailhead Photo

Suzuki ATV "Just Add Dirt" Photo

ATV Trail In Autumn Leaves Photo

ATVs Driving Through Creek Photo

Polaris RZR On Great Western Trail Photo

Polaris RZR Crossing Creek Photo

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3 Responses to “ATV Ride on the Great Western Trail”

  1. Honda atvs Says:

    Wow nice photos, If only we had a place like this around where i live. I ride good because if i didnt´╗┐ i would have no quad. Every other time i ride the trails i have to dust a cop or two on a Grizzly with my Banshee. Its getting annoying!!!

  2. Janis Says:

    Thanks a lot for that extremely cool post.

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    [...] it. One of the best ways to experience trail riding in Central Utah is to attend one of the ATV/UTV Jamborees held during the summer months in towns in Central Utah. These jamborees last 3-5 days and have [...]

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