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A Polaris RZR helps in Balloon Chasing near Salina, UT Festival

Saturday, June 19th, 2010
"Side by Side" Balloon Chasing in RZR

TeAnna is using a Polaris RZR to help with the Balloon Festival near Salina, UT

The last couple of days have been the Annual “Eyes to the Sky Balloon Festival” in Salina, Utah.  Friday morning was absolutely awesome.  There were no winds and the balloons played in the skies above Aurora, Redmond and Salina for 4 hours. The site was spectacular and breath taking. Saturday a light breeze kept all but 5 of the 20 balloons on the ground.  Those who braved the flight moved along at 22 mph which sounds like a slow speed to us ATVer’s, but made for a very rough landing. That is when the RZR jumped in to help one of the balloonist.

A great ATV, UTV or Side by Side (SxS) can really aid in getting in to do some wonderful work.  They can move through the farm fields so easy, and can haul a good amount of weight.  Tasks that used to be so difficult can be made so easy with the right machine.

In addition to the right machine, there are so many good ATV accessories now days. ATV Boxes, ATV bags, and Fuel Packs are just a few of the many items on the market today.  So take a look at all the well built parts on the market and in our store.

Summer is here! (finally) It is time for riding and enjoying the beautiful world.  Our snow from the high mountains is all but gone.  It is a great time for riding, because you get some, sun, shade, mud, snow and dust all in the same day.  So GetinandGo for a nice ride, and remember to take plenty of pictures. Take it easy to enjoy the scenery.  Make time to look around.  Always remember to be safe while riding.  Wear the right protective gear.  Too many people get seriously hurt just by going too fast.  Some of your best rides will be easing along the trails.

If you get a great ATV photo, please share a copy here on our website.  Everyone will love seeing the great adventures you have.

Enjoy your summer!

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Saturday, June 12th, 2010

The all new Fuel Pack for ATV/UTV and Side by Sides

This all new Fuel Pack takes the best features of all the previous Fuel Packs and puts them into one small package.  You’ll will find this to be one of the best products of the year. Find this product in our store, and place your order today!