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Get Your Kids Involved

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Guest Post from Blair at

Riding ATV’s doesn’t only have to be an activity for adults. A great way to involve the whole family is to get a mini ATV for your child. Mini ATV’s or kids quads are much like normal ATV’s except smaller and less powerful. They come in different sizes for children of different ages and also have a variety of cc ratings. It is recommended that younger children start with the smaller 50cc engine ATV’s. Most kids quad bikes come with extra features to ensure the safety of the children riding them. A lot of them have remote controls with cut out switches so you can take over if your child gets out of control.

Of course other safety measures should be taken to ensure the safety of your child. Like bigger ATV’s, kids ATV’s can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. This danger can be minimized by teaching your child how ride their ATV properly and always being around when they are riding to supervise them. All of the regular safety equipment can also be purchased in kids sizes to ensure they are protected if something goes wrong.

When shopping for a kids quad bike, look around and make sure you get one that is right for your child. It’s important to ensure that your child has a bike that is the right size for them. They need to be able to reach all of the controls easily to ensure they are safe while riding. There are many different brands so it’s a good idea to look around and ask the dealers questions.

Kids ATV’s are a great way to introduce your children to riding ATV’s and allows the whole family to enjoy riding together. Learn more about kids quads or kids atv bikes at