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ATV Ride on the Great Western Trail

Friday, October 15th, 2010

A great adventure for friends and family is to get our and ride your ATVs. The Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree held in Richfield, Utah is the perfect outing to go on some great rides with a large group. The ATV Jamboree hosts over 30 rides in a one week time frame. You can choose to go on a simple short ride or a four day ride involving camping. We went on the Oak Belt ride which was a one day ride lasting about 6 hours and riding 55 miles. A great adventure for advanced riders.

ATVs Driving Through Creek At Great Western Trailhead Photo

Suzuki ATV "Just Add Dirt" Photo

ATV Trail In Autumn Leaves Photo

ATVs Driving Through Creek Photo

Polaris RZR On Great Western Trail Photo

Polaris RZR Crossing Creek Photo

A Ride by Redmond Lake

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010


All of that scenery I was talking about. Well,  it just so happens to be right out side my front door. One moment I can be sitting in my living room and then within 15 minutes I can be at Redmond Lake or half way up the canyon. I grew up in the city and that was life. You go to work, you go shopping at the mall, you go downtown. Now I live in a place where the one store in town closes at 7:00 pm. It was an adjustment, but now ATV riding is in my blood. Maybe it always was and I just needed to get to the place where my ATV roots were reborn.

Side note: There was a dance hall on the shores of Redmond Lake. It was a popular place called “Redmondo.” A band played, the kids came to dance and then one day it all burned down. Often when I drive out to the lake I picture that dance hall and think how much fun it would have been. Sure would be nice if someone had pictures to share.

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Side by Side Four Wheeling

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


My first adventure at four wheeling was on an old Honda Rubicon, the kind that you shift with your foot. I didn’t know how to do that. To shift you would push a button with your foot and that would change your gears and if you were lucky, you would get the right gear to get where you are going. However, that may have just been my situation as a new rider. Then we purchased an automatic four wheeler. Much easier. I finally was able to be the driver without getting stuck. ATV riding was no longer challenging for me.

Last year my husband surprised me and bought a new Polaris RZR side by side UTV. Wow! It is just like driving a car. So easy to handle, so comfortable and still as much fun as straddling a four wheelers. The Polaris is the only UTV that is narrow enough to still go on all of the ATV trails so I didn’t miss out on any of the adventure either. I love just driving around town and into the mountains.

Any type of ATV is fun. Adventure is always just around the corner.

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