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Crying Because It Is Too Cold To Enjoy Your ATV?

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Image of Artic M8 turning in Fresh Powder

Are you feeling cooped up and bored with the winter cold?  Here in Utah we have had an extra cold winter and we are not the only ones.  The whole USA has had plenty of cold.  Last week our nights were well below zero degrees Fahrenheit and the days struggled to reach 15 degrees.

Image of Artic M8 in fresh snow

If you are anxious to get outdoors for some recreation and speed, you may consider renting a couple of snowmobiles for the weekend.  We have been out snowmobiling several times this year and have found the temperatures to be lovely in the mountains.  Sometimes an inversion sets in the valleys making towns in the valleys very cold.  The mountains may be 20 degrees warmer.

Image of Artic Cat M8 Jumping in fresh powder

That was the case yesterday. It was 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the valleys and 25 degrees in the central Utah mountains.  It made for a fabulous day and photographer Kreig Rasmussen was able to get some fantastic snowmobiling in powder images to prove it.

So while your itching to ride your ATV or UTV just get in and go try a snowmobile ride. You will find it totally addicting.

ATV Ride on the Great Western Trail

Friday, October 15th, 2010

A great adventure for friends and family is to get our and ride your ATVs. The Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree held in Richfield, Utah is the perfect outing to go on some great rides with a large group. The ATV Jamboree hosts over 30 rides in a one week time frame. You can choose to go on a simple short ride or a four day ride involving camping. We went on the Oak Belt ride which was a one day ride lasting about 6 hours and riding 55 miles. A great adventure for advanced riders.

ATVs Driving Through Creek At Great Western Trailhead Photo

Suzuki ATV "Just Add Dirt" Photo

ATV Trail In Autumn Leaves Photo

ATVs Driving Through Creek Photo

Polaris RZR On Great Western Trail Photo

Polaris RZR Crossing Creek Photo

More UTV Jamboree Pictures from Marysvale, Utah

Friday, August 20th, 2010

The UTV Jamboree was held in Marysvale, Utah from August 12-14, 2010. This was the second year of the event and attendance more than tripled. It was a great event with trail rides and vendors showcasing their newest and greatest products. Check out some of the booths that attended: Can-Am, Polaris,, Yamaha, Honda and Sheps RZR Doors and Skid Plates and many more. It was a great show for all who attended. Next year the Jamboree could be bigger than ever. I look forward to attending. Until then I will be on the trails riding.